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I need a plonk!

Plonk: (n.) A cheap bottle of wine

Yes, I should be in New Zealand by now. Yes, Nelson and I should have enjoyed that wonderful moment where we frolic across a field with dreamy music in the background and embrace after nearly two months of being apart. But no. Instead I am currently being embraced by the smells of McDonald’s and Taco Bell in the international terminal of LAX. 
I wont go into all of the gory details, but suffice to say that American Airlines has proven itself again as the least reliable airline… or I suppose most reliable in the sense that three out of the last four times I have traveled with them I have gotten delayed some place overnight, and the fourth time I was simply delayed for 5 hours before take-off. Yesterday I was offered the wonderful choice of being delayed in Dallas overnight with no hotel, or returning, after a round of emotional goodbyes to my parents house. I chose NJ. So this morning without any expectations of actually leaving the country today, I set out for EWR again. 
So far, after a 3 hour delay on the runway in Newark due to what was legitimately the most intense thunderstorm I have ever experienced (can’t blame AA for that one I suppose), I have made it to LA. Hooray! One step closer to becoming a Kiwi! I’m leaving fast food heaven for the bar I just spotted, and hopefully the next time you hear from me it will be from the far away continent of Oceania.

A Wally Undertaking?

Wally: (adj.) foolish, silly

I leave for New Zealand in a little over 24 hours. I had trouble sleeping last night, so its only fitting that this first post fills you in on the million things going through my head as I prepare to move half-way around the world (Although half-way around the world is a misnomer, because once you’re half-way you start coming back again). So here are the top ten:

1. Seeing my baby.

2. Leaving my babies.

3. Did I pack too much?

4. Did I pack enough?

5. The fam.

6. The other fam.

7. How big is a kiwi bird?

8. Are there really robots that rap in binary in New Zealand?

9. How did Joshua beat Katie and Twitch?

10. Oh yeah and those little details of…where we’ll live/ what we’ll do/ how long we’ll be there/ where we’ll work/ who we’ll meet/ how we’ll earn money.

We will try to update this blog as often as possible and will post tons of pictures and stories from our travels.