Celebrating a decade as the region’s leader in sustainability and resilience programs.

Kaitiaki Farm

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Kaitiaki is a permaculture farm located outside Whanganui, New Zealand. Our land management philosophy is guided by the Maori concept of kaitiakitanga – guardianship.

We practice regenerative and resilient farming using holistic management systems that incorporate animals into plant-based food production. 

The farm is also home to The ECO School. Alongside food production, land restoration and eco building we offer a wide range of education programmes that include: permaculture internships; early childhood outdoor learning; programmes for school groups; workshops; and, farm tours.

Contact:  TheECOSchool@gmail.com


2023 Permaculture Calendars for sale

$18 post paid or two for $30.
Proceeds go to wetland restoration.

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