A Flash Arrival

Flash: (adj.) Fancy, stylish, cool

Q: How do you transport 200 lbs of luggage half a mile in 15 minutes using only human power?

The first few days after Dani’s arrival have been a bit hectic. On Wednesday we stayed at Earthsong eco village in Aukland and went to bed at 6pm. The next day after barely making the train and then barely making the bus we left Aukland and headed down to Hamilton. It’s alarming to wake up out of a daydream and find that you’re driving on the wrong side of the road… not the wrong side, the other side.

“I wish we had a picture of that tiny hotel room from Hamilton” –Dani
“The fact that it was tiny wasn’t the weird part of that room. What’s weird was that the only outlet was inside a cupboard and all of the old men living in that hotel.” –Nelson

For the next few days we will be staying with Matthew and Sylvia. You can get a little preview of what that will be like by reading the latest post on The Emperor’s New SUV.

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