A Bike Lock Key Chain Ring

Sometimes there are moments in my life that seem too perfect to be real.

I was having a stressful week and was about to leave for a three month trip to the States. Mr. Veggie suggested that we take a bike ride to one of our favorite spots, Te Toto Gorge. We laid down on the grass and looked up at the clouds. He sat up in the sun overlooking the Tasman Sea, handed me the key chain ring of our bike lock and asked me to be his wife.

(Personal Photos)

I don’t write in my journal very often, but here’s what I jotted down that night:

Pushbikes for 10k over a gravel road,
Te Toto gorge is so beautiful it gave you vertigo.
Hike down the trail, breakers in front and far below.
The Tasman Sea to our right.
Windblown tree and that would be a good spot to camp.
“So do you think we should get married?”
“I mean, [Miss Veggie], will you marry me?”
“Ask me again”
“Yes, yes, yes”
Lay back in the grass in your arms.
Two clouds in the sky, a double helix, no an ibex horn.
Three layers of clouds moving in opposite directions.
Can’t stop smiling.
We’re getting married!
“Sheep, you are all invited”.

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