5 months?

We hit the 5 month countdown last week and it prompted me to get my butt in gear. So far my planning has mostly been inspiration boards, venue-ing, and more inspiration boards, but this week I’ve been a veggie with a mission (like a secular version of one of those Veggie-Tales characters).

Actually, in all honesty, it wasn’t the 5 month mark that prompted me into action, it was my first visit to an anonymous wedding site that offers a “wedding checklist”. After 8 months of wedding planning I had heard much about this site, but never logged on. As a total wedding novice, the idea of someone giving me a wedding to-do list sounded great, so I entered my email address and wedding date and was promptly greeted with about 100 red alarm clocks smacking me in the face. Really? Whoah!

Being “fashionably late” doesn’t really faze me that much… “on-time” is not a phrase that most people would generally associate with Miss Veggie. But usually I at least have an idea that I’m running behind schedule. This time, no clue. Really. Plus, as previously mentioned, this wedding is supposed to be a way to show off the grown-up more organized me.

I have to say “The Wedding Checklist” was not a boost to my wedding self-esteem. Not only were there about one-hundred-thousand things that we haven’t done yet, there were also a wealth of not-yet-even-thought-about things to do on that list. Feeling a little overwhelmed. 

Where to start? Any other August Brides out there? How far along are you in your planning?