Patience Is Not My Strong Suit

Why the bleep isn’t my dress here yet? As previously mentioned, the lovely Adriana sent it out ages ago. And according to the USPS package tracker (which I may have checked, oh I don’t know, about 1,000 times this week) here is the status:

There are a few weird things about this:

#1- Why did it take 5 days for my dress to get from Miami to Auckland? I mean I’m assuming it went “por avion” because a boat definitely would need to depart from a west coast port, not Miami. Unless of course they went the scenic route. And in that case, kudos to that ship captain for hauling butt and circumnavigating the globe in 5 days. But honestly 5 days to fly to New Zealand?

#2- What reason could there be for my dress to have to enter customs twice? A long history of wedding dress drug trafficking? Oh, I guess so. Fair enough. Check it twice.

#3- Even if you do need to be extra careful to ward off drunk trafficking bride-zillas, how long could it possibly take for a dress to get through customs? They’ve had it for NINE days!

I’m freaking out here! Of course there’s absolutely no reason for me to freak out, I have tons of time to do alterations, and I could actually call customs to see what’s up. But all the same, the anticipation and waiting is driving me nuts.

One thought on “Patience Is Not My Strong Suit”

  1. Just got caught up on the blog posts! Love your writing. Where did Adriana get married that she's bare shouldered outside in February? Got dress?

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