Finally! (A Dress Arrival Photo Essay)

It’s finally here. No words could do justice to such a happy day. OK, maybe a few words here and there.

Out of the box and onto the bed.

Hmm… How does this thing work?

It fits!

Put the hair up, toss on a headband. What do you think ladies?

Wait what’s this?

Ooh a train. A really long train.
A little big in the boobies. (I’ve actually never had that problem before).

Try to ignore the silly face, ridiculous looking collar-bones, and absurd tan lines (how can I have tan lines and be the whitest girl ever at the same time?). Let’s focus on how the dress will look once it’s taken in a bit on the sides.
Whoah. Who is that lady looking all elegant wearing a wedding dress?

Oh right. It’s me. I’m getting married!!

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