NWR- A Smile to Start Your Work Week

We had a Halloween Party here this weekend to coincide more closely to our autumnal transition into winter. (October 31st is spring here, and Halloween then always feels a bit funny).

Anyhow, I dressed as Wonder Woman. Me practicing my moves:Confused Wonder Woman. Angry Wonder Woman. I-just-knocked-you out Wonder Woman.

And Mr. Veggie? You can’t really see his purple wings and skirt in this picture. He told everyone that he dressed as “An obliging FiancĂ©”. But really he was dressed as… (Make your guesses below). What a guy!

Hope that you are enjoying your transition into summer as much as we are enjoying the approaching colder weather. Have a great Monday!


Here in the southern hemisphere there is some seasonal delusion about when Halloween should take place. Here, just like the rest of the world, it is celebrated on October 31st. This is all sorts of backwards. Thank you colonialism.

While in the north it makes sense to be carving up your excess pumpkins and celebrating the transition from light to dark at the end of October, here October is spring. We should be glorifying baby bunnies and chicks and wearing pastel colors (someone should invent a holiday for that). Our transition from light to dark is May. And so we’ve decided that that’s when we should celebrate Halloween.

Since we happen to have a few spare pumpkins lying around, and also happen to have a ridiculously fabulous recycling center just down the road, this party wasn’t too hard to throw together.

There was pumpkin carving, pumpkins admiring, and pumpkin soup.

I dressed as Wonder Woman. Here I am showing some of my super moves.
Nelson said that he was dressed as “An obliging fiancĂ©”. But really he was… (make your guesses below).

Some famous movie stars decided to show up. Starsky and Hutch (Only Starsky pictured) and The Mad Hatter.
The party provided yet another opportunity to learn about cultural differences between America and NZ. Apparently some costumes that would be really offensive in the US, are ok here…. Like terrorists.

And black face. (He was a medicine man).
Happy Halloween from your neighbors to the South!