Veggie Goes Glam

Today was a big day. Not only did the heat wave gripping the east coast finally start to drop off a little, but I also finally got to make a trip to Honesdale, Pennsylvania. The site of veggie wedding bliss just a few short weeks from now. Its about time I saw the venue, don’t you think? Since we were going up there, I figured I might as well try to squeeze in a hair and make up trial. So Mama Veggie and I hopped in the car, on only the second hottest day of the year, and took a short road trip to make me G-L-A-M. O-R. OUS. (yes, I’m singing right now, aren’t you?).

First stop was our venue, Indian Head Camp. I’ll spare you all the details, but we were greeted by a charming Brit named “Porkchop” and then chauffeured around camp in a golf cart, slaloming hundreds of kids while they chanted songs telling us why we should come to camp next year. I’d love to kids, but I don’t think they accept 28 year olds. The visit was great. I saw the cabins, the lodge, the field, the fire pit. It all feels so real. Were getting married!

While that stop was really exciting for me, I have a feeling you all might be a bit more excited by our second stop, Utopia Day Spa. I have to admit I was a little nervous on our way to the salon. Mostly because even though I have an idea of what I think looks good, I hardly ever wear makeup, and don’t know anything about doing hair. A dangerous combination. Also. How do I put this? Honesdale is not known for being the styling and fashion mecca of Pennsylvania (that honor definitely goes to Lancaster). Would this stylist know how to convert my un-informed ideas into reality? But I was armed with 25 pictures each of hair and make up styles I liked and a smile. A hot, sweaty, just-spent 2 hours at a camp, smile.

Soon enough I was sitting in a chair in the capable hands of Cindy. She ironed, curled, pinned, and tucked. For a minute I might have looked just a little bit like the cowardly lion.
But, in a surprisingly short amount of time, my ginger locks were transformed into this sideswept low-do.
Um wow. I felt so glamorous I just had to give a little Blue Steel.
Then it was time for makeup and some nice after shots.
I need to examine the pics a bit more, but there are already some things I know I want to change for the big day. I was hoping for low side chignon, instead of big poof. I wanted more messy and natural on top, not so sleek. And, turns out that even though I thought I wanted to use a flower, I really liked the headband look, so now I need to make a more wedding-y one (with flowers, of course).

For makeup I absolutely hated the super sticky shiny lip gloss she used. I felt like I had just eaten a melted cherry lollipop and had it all over my mouth. I also wasn’t a big fan of the way my cheeks looked, I think the blush could be a little higher (I don’t even know if that makes sense). What I do love is the natural looking makeup and smoky eyes. I feel pretty confident that we can work these things out on the wedding day.

So all in all, today was a good day. I look like a bride. I have a venue. In 44 days we are getting M-A-R-R. I-E. DDD (Yes, I’m singing again. Yes, I know there aren’t enough letters to make it work). Are you other August brides starting to get excited?

Also, wondering if anyone has any suggestions for my wedding day look? And did anyone else have a trial that didn’t go perfectly? Did you have a second trial or did you just fix it on the day of your wedding?

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