Washington Bee-C

Two weeks ago some fabulous D.C. bees organized a nice quaint get-together for a few readers and bloggers. You know, just a small gathering to share wedding ideas and advice. A few girls thought it would be a good idea, and then a few more, and then I hopped on the bandwagon as a D.C. summer resident, and by last week it morphed into this:

Look out D.C. the bees are taking over! Yep, that’s right. All those gorgeous gals are bees.

Last Thursday about 25 of us came out for a night of dimsum and drinks at Ping Pong, a flashy restaurant downtown. The combination of the 100 degree heat and hours of wedding crafting all day, every day must have made me slightly delirious. In a ultra-crafty daze, I thought it would be a good idea to put together some fabric-covered bee pins as favors and wedding bee inspired table toppers.

Counter-Clockwise from top: Two bees proudly display their bee pride behind a steamy dumpling foreground; Pretty place settings at the beginning of the night; A few conversation starters on the back of the table toppers; Place settings at the end of the night, You can tell how good the food was, not one bit left; I just couldn’t help myself with the signs, I blame Martha.

I had never been out for dimsum before, but let me tell you. Dim Sum = Yum Yum. The food was so good. I can vouch for a nice selection of on-tap beers too, and I hear from a very good source (cough, cough, Ribbons) that the Tenessee Tea Tingle is worth a try.

Food as high and as far as the eye could see.

We may have caused a bit of a scene, as 25 newly-engaged/ newly-wed ladies would do. One guy at the bar asked me what kind of club we were and if he could join. “Of course you can join”, I replied innocently, but once I explained that we were all wedding bloggers he didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic. Hmmm. Go figure.

Clockwise from top left: Mrs. Dorsay double fists her way through happy hour; Daniellemybelle gives a big bee smile; A sweaty Miss Veggie and Veggie Sister Kale enjoy a cool drink after a hot metro ride; and a group of bees get their drink on.

Thanks to DaydreamWanderer for her fabulous organizational and photography skills and to Daniellemybelle for making the reservations. It was such a great evening. It was so nice to share in everyone’s pre and post wedding enthusiasm and put some faces to names I see on the bee all the time. I met some great ladies, some of whom were even crazy enough to volunteer to help me craft a bit. I hope I am in town for the next one!
I’m not even going to try to name all the girls in the picture, but I’m pretty sure that these girls are in there somewhere: the futuremrsjewell, daniellemybelle, veggie sister kale, msterrapin, spaganya, septcabride, mrs. pencils, eaq219, lolo7835, sali2011, scarletjwl, onbecomingmrshall, sea glass, grits, msjeep23, miss boot camp, junebug12. I know I missed people, so sorry.

Gold star for anyone who can pick out the four blogger bees tucked in there and super gold star for anyone who can find a hive hostess.

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