Faith Restored

At 4:55 pm Nov. 5th we learned that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States of America. Thus began our completely non-partisan celebration. Wearing our most patriotic outfits, we hugged, we smooched, we danced, and then we pledged allegiance to a  picture of the American flag we found on Google Image search. 

It is the first time I have pledged allegiance to the flag since high school. Thanks to having Spanish first period with Mrs. Foster, I even recited it en español. I think this editorial sums up what I feel. As an expat living overseas and a traveller it is acceptable (even admirable) to be American again. It feels good. 
Unfortunately before Obama could offer his acceptance speech, our coverage of the US elections was preempted by… 
NZ Wheel of Fortune! 
Oh well, I guess we’ll have to You-Tube it later. 

3 thoughts on “Faith Restored”

  1. That looks like a celebration worthy of the new America! Love the outfits. The jubilation here is palpable – I’ve never seen so many excited people at the polls; you would have thought we were waiting for a rock concert, people were so jittery. And the cheering and shouting in my neighborhood last night was something to behold; one lady was running around her front yard like an energetic dog let out of the house after a long day indoors, shouting to the heavens “Praise the Lord, Barack is President!” Hope you got to You-Tube that speech. It was awesome!— Rachel Ishiguro (SIT)

  2. You guys are ridiculous…in a good way. I’m happy for you that you can show your faces again in public. Go forth and be proud as Americans. You lived in a great country even with George Bush as president, but now that we are back in fashion, make the most of it and spread some good old American love.

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