We recently found out that despite our beliefs, there are actually a small group of people who anxiously await our posts. So, to both of you, sorry for the lack of posts this week.

We spent the last five days in Gordonton, just ot the north of Hamilton, at Judy Chrystall’s asparagus farm. Can’t you see the asparagus?
How about now?

Um yeah, picking asparagus is tricky. We were in Gordonton because Judy hired Nelson for  a design project. Judy is looking to have a farmstay business, and so needed to update the area surrounding the lower level of her house. We tidied up her garden and gave her a plan to incorporate chicken tractoring into her expanding orchard. Here are the results:

Just like in Murray and Lindy’s garden in Wanganui, we dug some keyhole gardens. They are a good way to maximeze the amount of planting space in a small bed. This one uses a tree stup as the center space:

After leaving Judy’s we headed to Raglan and are back at Solscape again. Loving the beach, loving the sun, loving the good folks. 

4 thoughts on “Aspara-Guests”

  1. I’m Sally, and happy to say I like to read your blog… I just loved New Zealand when I visited for a month in ’91 and wanted to stay forever… I have Crowded House on my playlist because I’m keen on everything Kiwi… just keep the posts coming – I’m enjoying them a lot from afar… Cheers, from Nova Scotia (o:

  2. hehe this time I am leaving a comment just because my word verification code is coddfat can’t beat that. But since I am here…waiting patiently…happy turkey day…or at least happy organic vegetable day;)

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