Wainui Road

Wai: (n.- Maori) Water

Nui: (n.- Maori) Big
It is starting to feel like summertime here in Raglan. Our (its mine since I have now officially lived here for two weeks) normally quiet beach was swarmed with people this weekend. It is a huge change from mid-week when there are four of us out at the beach at any given time. Me, Nelson, and the cuddlefish. 

Solscape is located on Wainui Road, which leads to the famous Manu and Whale Bay surf spots. Surfers come here from all over to ride the longest left-hand break in the world. At some point I will graduate to these legendary surf spots, but for now I am content at surfing the waves at what locals call “the beach” (our beach).

On this particular day, although we are looking very hardcore (Nelson in his sneakers and me in my rented wetsuit), the Wai was not very Nui. Which is fine for me. While I am way above the bunny-hill, I’m not quite ready for any blue square surfing. I am a happy green circle betty. So here I am, on some of the flattest sea we’ve experienced looking like a champ. I don’t want to brag, but I stood up on the second wave I caught. I think this could become an addiction.