Coolly Cooliscious?

So here we were, relaxing in the little house that we are housesitting, watching Moko the cat go nuts over a piece of string, listening to NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio) online. Similar scene to the rest of this week. And, just like the rest of the week, our ears were bombarded by Keith and Abby at the NHPR Pledge drive begging us for a donation. I hope that however low I get I never have to be the host of a pledge drive. So, after a few days of feeling guilty for our daily indulgence of NHPR without being members we gave in. We called in a hearty donation of $35, the minimum pledge. A pledge from New Zealand! “Isn’t that coolly cooliscious”.

Ummm Keith. We are embarrassed for you. And we rescind our pledge immmediately.

Here are some pictures of our ward: Moko (loco). He’s a killer.

Also noteworthy today: Nelson and I had a most perfect evening last night. Note the show playing on the computer, and the “american” mustard, and the giant cheeseburgers, and the beers. Yeah yeah I hear you, don’t worry they were local grass-fed (endangered maui dolphin) burgers.

What you might not have noticed in that first picture is the toasted buttered buns. Here’s a close up. Yum. D-lish.

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