Spoiled Rotten

Two birthday parties? Lucky!
And a new wetsuit?

Since we were going down to Whanganui, we decided to celebrate in Raglan with friends before we left. I made pumpkin lasagna and apple feijoa crumble and we drank a few bottles of wine with friends. I think the best birthday surprise was that Lenny showed up again, completely unannounced. It was a happy reunion for sure. Music, running through a field of wild flowers, and Nelson and Lenny embracing.

It was also so good to see so many friends in Whanganui. After a raucous celebration in Raglan before our trip, we celebrated two nights in a row with the Brookes family and other friends. This is the cake Mandy and Toby made. Lucky for Nelson we were traveling, because I don’t think I’ve ever made anything so beautiful. Then, thanks to Maia, Sophie, and Karuna, we had a scavenger hunt for Nelson’s birthday present.
Where could that next clue be?
Oh there it is!
Under the covers?
A winter-weight wetsuit!

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