Te Toto Gorge

A month of rainy weather has made everyone at Solscape a bit stir crazy.

The ocean has been grumpy. The online surf reports that we check religiously have a maximum swell height of 20 ft. The waves here in Raglan have been off the charts all week. The thought of surfing a 20 ft + wave (or double and a half overheader) makes me crap my pants. But some people don’t seem to be fazed (sp?). Three days ago a beginner surfer got swept out to open sea by the current. He started at the beach, and luckily the coast guard happened to spot him at the river mouth as they finished their patrols for the day.
Angry Ocean
The waves don’t look so big from here.

Needless to say, we haven’t been in the water much. There was however, a brief bit of sunshine yesterday that inspired Lenny and I to hop in his car and seek out some pictures. Just down the coast from us is an amazing little spot that I can’t believe I never visited until now. I am reminded again of how amazing New Zealand is and how lucky we are to have found this place. Beautiful.
Lenny, excited about a few sun rays.

Dani gets some air.

Clouds roll in over Te Toto.

Lenny looks out over Te Toto.

I think I am addicted to taking photos of dead trees.

Windswept trees.

Dani, in hippy pants, looking thoughtful.

Silly place to store a boat.

2 thoughts on “Te Toto Gorge”

  1. Hey you aren’t the NZ couple who found a couple million extra in their bank account and took off running with it are you???Cuz that would be awesome!!!From Jess (because they won’t let me change my sign in name for some reason)

  2. No we’re the NZ couple who found a couple of extra mice in our housetruck, but are still living there. Who needs dollars when you can make a fur coat out of all the mice you poison?

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