Back in the Wop Wops

Wop Wops (n.)– boonies, rural area, countryside

My brother-in-law is the greatest. He accumulated 18 hours in the car this week with two infants so that I could spend a few days visiting friends at Proctor. We are assimilating him to our relaxed Proctor-in-the summer ways. We are staying at Annie, Matt, Sasha, and Braeden’s apartment which came pre-furnished with baby gear and toys. Today I got to see 7 out of the 9 babies that were born at Proctor this year while we were away and the parents that belong to them. Hanging out here on campus and seeing everyone made me realize just how much I miss living here. Today we also hung out with Sash and Brae (a.k.a “the big girls”) and visited a friend’s property that is also a potential wedding-site. We hiked up a big hill/ mountain to the outdoor chapel and played in the lake. Camp Dani has officially begun.