First Whanau

whanau: (n -maori) Family

This past weekend our we had our first visit from family members to New Zealand. Nelson’s dad’s sister and her husband and his brother (did you get all that?) came to visit from California.

Even though I had never met them before it was still fun to show off our garden, our little home, and our town. They stayed here at Solscape for two nights to get over their jetlag before heading out to conquer the Milford Track.
We loaded them up with home-grown food and thought we could give them a little warm up for their trek on our own mountain, Mt. Karioi. (Note to self: test out hiking tracks before attempting them with family.)
Our little adventure begun at Te Toto gorge. We then climbed up through a meadow and walked along a ridgeline towards the summit.

We thought we had hit the most adventurous spot when we came to a 5 meter ladder.

We were wrong. The track got narrower and the trail got bumpier. We stopped to have a little lunch after two hours to consider our options.

Groups of sweaty hikers kept passing us on their way down telling us how close we were to the lookout. We pushed on.
But when we hit the sheer cliff that you had to scale using chains, we decided that we had had enough. Karioi, you win this time, but we’ll be back.

Bob and Suzanne were gracious enough to treat us to dinner that night and then they headed off to Taupo and beyond the next morning. Perhaps we scared them off? Don’t worry other family members, if you come visit we promise we wont try to make you climb a cliff.
Bob, Suzanne, and John. Thanks for the hours of great conversation, the good kai, and for giving us some whanau love in person.

One thought on “First Whanau”

  1. Hi Dani!

    and thank you for this little story about not conquering Mt Kairori… it made me feel not as bad (since I was in Raglan for a whole month and didn't even make it to the waterfalls…).

    I tried to find you at FB by the way, but it turned out it was quite alot of Dani+NZ out there, so instead i now found your very nice blog!

    Anyways, I hope you had a great time with your soon-to-be-family and that the wwoof:ers are doing their job…;)

    Say hello to Nelson, Kyle and all the rest, and take care!

    /åsa sundén (ex-wwoof:er)

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