Introducing the youngest members of our bridal party, our nieces and nephews. On his side: Scotty (turns six tomorrow), Brady (will be 5 by the wedding), and Mikey (turns 1 the week after the wedding).

On my side: Annie (3 years old by wedding day) and Matilda (2 years old by wedding day).

Photos by Unfinished Dad

Who says two-colored socks and mullets went out of style in 1992?
I know its a stretch to include anyone under 3 in the wedding, but we’re going to try. Our wedding is all about family, so there’s no way that we could leave any kiddos out. And, I’m not sure if you noticed the twinkle in these girls eyes, but they are all pretty feisty sprouts. Annie + Brady = excitement. I guess we’ll have to expect the unexpected.
Any ideas for incorporating the itty-bitties? I like the ideas of a cute little red wagon, or a vintage trike making their way down the aisle, but when I look at photos wagons seem a bit cumbersome and awkward. Am I crazy for wanting under threes to be in the wedding party? Should it be walking tots only? Anyone have a babes-in-weddingland story of success or utter disaster?
Do you think we will end up with this?
Or this?

One thought on “Babes-in-Weddingland”

  1. Just because I love posting on your awesome blog! 🙂
    My personal opinion is stick to walking tots- I say this knowing that leaves out Mr. Chubs, but seriously, I think it invites trouble. Besides, (and I really want you thinking about this), do you really want all eyes on the crazy little crawler who won't stay put, or do you want all eyes focused on you and Mr. Veggie Farmer exchanging vows? I think the girls will be GORGEOUS and Mr. Ring Man will be Mr. Handsome Pants- I'm happy to keep chubs with me (though how will I take pictures then?). Up to you Mrs. Veggie Farmer To Be! 🙂

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