Sweets for my Sweet? – Not Exactly.

OK… OK… I know Valentine’s Day was a month ago, but give me a break. It’s summer here. And the surf is pumping.
Mr. Veggie doesn’t really like candy. He certainly wouldn’t like to get a little box of sugar hearts that say things like “Tweet me.” and “LOL”. He wouldn’t want me to buy a greeting card. Ever.

So what did I do for my very own Captain Planet on the most Hallmark-y of days? Well, the way I figure it, the best part of Valentine’s Day is knowing that someone has taken the time to do something special for you. So, I took a minute to make him some home-made valentines out of things we had lying around. Some were out in the open and some were hidden.

The first one was on his computer. I’ve been playing around with graphic design projects lately, and this was one I came up with a few months ago. I secretly put it on the desktop of his computer and so began the scavenger hunt.

Summer is in full swing here in the southern hemisphere and the tomatoes are practically jumping out of our garden. What better way to say I love you than with some juicy goodness?

A beany heart. This was my favorite poem because I worked his morning farting habit into it.

A garlic braid heart. Tough to find.

Scrabble heart. Need to use our favorite 2-letter word. What rhymes with Qi?

*All photos personal photos.

And the final heart was made out of something black and lacy. I think I’ll save that picture for our archives and not send it out there onto the world wide web.

The scavenger hunt reminded me of when we were first dating and used to leave each other little notes in secret places. More than once I went into full blush mode when I discovered one tucked in my pocket or in my laptop case while I was in front of a room full of students. The joys of new love.

I think I might do something like this for Mr. Veggie the day of the wedding. That is if I manage to have a few spare moments during the final push. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time (yeah right!).

Did you get or give any special eco-friendly Valentine’s treats? What are the little things you do to say “I Love You”? Will you be finding a way to incorporate them into your big day?

*All photos personal photos.

One thought on “Sweets for my Sweet? – Not Exactly.”

  1. Reminds me of some Christmas scavenger hunts. Nothing brings more joy than watching it unfold on the face of someone you love! Steve got Graeter's ice cream from Cincinatti-definitely eco friendly! In fact it is completely bio-degradable-no waste!

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