Gathering Steam

The fifth monthly edition of the Wanganui Permaculture Gathering was held this week on May 18th (always the 3rd Wednesday) at the Whanganui Environment Base on Wicksteed Street.
The gathering is modeled after Permaculture Noosa’s monthly meetings held on Australia’s sunshine coast. They get upwards of 200 people at their meetings. I believe it is because of the simple format: 30 minutes of a mini-farmers’ market; 30 minutes of a guest speaker; and 30 minutes of news, announcements, etc. That’s it!
The model has worked well for us so far. Why not try it in your community? What have you got to lose?
This month’s speaker was Jonah Marinovich from Wanganui’s Green Bikes program.
Jonah, however, did not so much talk about Green Bikes, but about some interesting community activism projects he was involved with in Wellington. He provided an awesome story about creative, low budget resources access and (re)allocation.
We are tentatively looking for a speaker for the June 15th meeting and planning a Quiz Night fund-raiser for Green Bikes on July 20th. Please let us know if you can be a speaker or know of a venue to host the July Quiz Night.

Peace, Estwing