Domestic Bliss

He mixes mortar while she makes pumpkin soup. Just a typical day here in Wanganui.

There are a few minor inconveniences when you are living amid a project like this. I’m sure many of you home renovators can relate to the dusty, constantly changing, always innovative living conditions.

We came home late one night last week and I was the first one in the door. MC grabbed my arm and said “Don’t go in the kitchen unless you turn a light on!”. When I entered I discovered what I am affectionately naming our “lion trap”. A massive hole with sinister looking rebar spikes emerging from what used to be our kitchen floor.

Hmmm. O.K. then.

MC worked hard all week to turn the lion trap into the foundation for our multi-fuel cookstove, which he will install when he returns from Australia. I, unfortunately was not much help, due to a bruised vertabrae in my back. No lifting, twisting, or activity for 10 weeks. Yikes! So I compensated by baking, cooking, and cleaning.

Domestic bliss.

-June Cleverer

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