More on Pelmets

I mentioned in the last post on pelmets that we are using a different approach in the kitchen, dining room and bathroom than in the lounge. The lounge has a high ceiling so the pelmet was placed directly above the window. But the other rooms have low ceilings, so we are having the pelmets serve a second purpose as crown molding as seen here in the bathroom.

Note: Pelmet not yet painted.

After removing rotten studs, reframing the walls and putting up new plaster board, I nailed a 2 x 2 into the top of the studs at the ceiling. In this case, I also had to pack it off a little to make sure the curtain has enough clearance to open and close easily.

Above dining room window.

I have mentioned before that we are reusing weatherboard from the exterior for our pelmets. I’ve ripped it down to 150 mm but left on the rustication as seen in the next two images.

The nice curved bevel will make an attractive crown molding above the windows and the French doors. For continuity, I have run the pelmet/crown molding along the the wall-ceiling juncture on all exterior walls in the dining room/kitchen and in the bathroom. This ties it all together. Now if the wife would decide on a paint colour…
And finally, in the mud room/air lock, I used two weather boards to come down about 350 mm from the ceiling to cover the curtain rod that was mounted just above the door. This allows us to use a standard length curtain rather than having an extra long one custom made.

Please note in the image above that we are supporting local artists by hanging their original pieces in our home. Word up to MAE4!
Peace, Estwing

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