Chooks by the Book

Dedicated to Mr. Carver.
Although we have been farmers for a decade, we are new to poultry of all types. We have been feeding 3 ducks and 5 chooks for months with nary an egg in sight. We have written about our cute-as ducklings and tractoring our pekins and muscoveys. We have lost 2 ducks and 3 chooks to the elements and local dogs, but just received 4 large red shavers from a friend. Supposedly they lay.
They are fairly large for tractoring, so we decided to build a chook yard for them using various second-hand materials.
And reinforced against dogs!
In true permaculture fashion, we will use our new chooks for their multiple talents: eggs, fertilizer, meat and cultivation.
Ultimately, we will remove the valuable resources currently in the yard and replace them with other valuable resources such as fruit trees.
Keeping fowl in and around fruit trees helps control insect pests, keeps grasses down and automatically cleans up all fallen fruits. And we look forward one day to…
Is it?
Could it be?
The $80 egg!

Peace, Estwing

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