Nick of Time

I do not know much about wedding protocol (just ask my wife) but from what little I understand, there is a one year window for gift giving. By some small miracle, I have just squeaked in before the deadline. Hope you like it, Dearheart.

Now that that’s sorted, I wanted to explain how our coal range acts as thermal mass. Its placement is such that it receives winter morning sun through a northeast window.

It then receives winter mid-day sun through the French doors. Since we are nearly 2 months past the solstice, the sun is barely reaching the hearth. On June 21st it will reach of the first 3 courses of bricks.
And afternoon sun through a northwest window.

Even when not burning wood, our trusty Shacklock still has an energy role to play in our home. It slowly absorbs heat from the sun during the day and reradiates it at night. And the wife thinks its cute.
Peace, Estwing

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