Celebrating Our Suppliers

Permaculture is more than a set of design principles. It is a way of seeing. It involves seeing energy and how it flows through a system. And it involves seeing the potential in materials that others may ignore. What many consider useless, permaculturists can repurpose into functional and beautiful elements. For example, we turned a dangerous collapsing deck into an attractive fence and gate to keep dogs away from our fowl, which also serves as a windbreak for our banana plant.
We have made wide reuse of materials left on this property when we purchased it, such as these bits of timber to frame a doorway.
But I was one board short of framing the doorway, so I went down to the Reno Centre…
… and found one for just $5.
And while I was at the Reno Centre I was lucky enough to find some galvanized flue pipe at a fraction of the price of buying it new.

Along with the Reno Centre, Wanganui is blessed with many Opportunity Shops (“Opp-Shops”) where we like to find many things, especially bric ‘a’ brac!
And speaking of bric ‘a’ brac, there is no better place than…
Hayward’s Auctions!
From a permaculture perspective, Hayward’s is the ideal venue to fulfill multiple purposes: great stuff at great prices and high quality entertainment. We go every Thursday night. It is our date night.
And, of course, there is metals bin at the local transfer station.

Together, all of these awesome local suppliers have helped us turn this…
… into this!
Thanks to all our suppliers for providing a valuable service to the community.
Peace, Estwing

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