Paper Pushing

Being eco and thrifty can make gift-giving difficult at times. Some people may not recognize and appreciate the careful consideration that goes into the process. But anniversaries – especially the upper ones – require gold and diamonds, neither of which are particularly eco or thrifty. Luckily, we are only celebrating our first (paper) anniversary. Let’s consider the options.
The local, free weekly paper? Not exactly a gift if someone else sends it to us.

Or how about another form of paper? Eco, thrifty, practical.

But maybe not appreciated. And then I heard on the radio about Wanganui’s big event yesterday…

… and their paper-based giveaways.

Thrifty, but maybe not so eco. Hmm. Still thinking. Aha! Fish and chips come wrapped in old newspapers. Brilliant!
Happy Anniversary Honey!
Peace, Estwing

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