Huge props to Jiqiao for writing and posting on Tuesday all on his own with no editing from me. Where was I? I had to run to the bus station to pick up a couple of GFC (global financial crisis) analysis superstars, Stoneleigh and Ilargi from TAE (The Automatic Earth).

Their real names are Nicole Foss and Raul Ilargi Meijer, and they were kind enough to stop over in Whanganui on their tour of New Zealand. Nicole’s talk (Raul plays the role of stage manager, roadie, and background cynic) was well-received by an over-capacity crowd of nearly 70 at the Community Room of the Gonville Cafe/Library on Tuesday the 10th of April. (Luckily we had friends who brought in extra chairs and a PA system on less than an hour’s notice.) Those in attendance remained attentive through 2 hours plus, which included a lively Q&A session. We got home well after 10 and stayed up to nearly midnight chatting and playing with our cat, Billy T. James.

Were Stoneleigh and Ilargi star-struck by Billy T.? Who wouldn’t be?
We were all up at 7 the next morning drinking coffee, musing on the 200+ decline of the Dow Jones and… playing with Billy T. Fun was had by all and we consider ourselves lucky to have had TAE visit our ETR (Eco-Thrifty Renovation).

Peace and preparedness, Estwing