Man About Town

Perhaps the only thing harder than creating a sustainable life for oneself is promoting sustainability out in the community. I have been averaging 10 to 20 hours of volunteer work per week for the last couple of months. The work itself is not so hard, but maintaining motivation sometimes is. We hear advice from the likes of Nicole Foss, Richard Heinberg, J.H. Kunstler, Rob Hopkins, etc. about the importance of building community. They are dead right about that, but do not underestimate how much effort it takes. But sometimes the work can seem more like play. For instance…

With the wife away at a conference in Auckland for the weekend, I set out to multitask my way through a Saturday morning (after dropping her at the airport at 6:20 AM and then spending three hours on my thesis).

Thankfully, most of the multitasking took place at our Saturday market.

I was happy to see that the welcoming committee was there to greet me, my bicycle and trailer.

 First stop was at the stall of our local currency, the River Exchange and Barter System (REBS).

As the newsletter editor and newly appointed grants writer, I had two jobs to check in about with other committee members. The newsletter looked suitable for publication on Monday, but a grant application due in the post Tuesday needed heaps of official forms, seals and certificates I had no access to. (To be continued…)

After I did all I could at the REBS stall, I headed over to buy some native plants.

 And then it was over to the Greens’ stall for fresh bread…

… and petition signing. My friend John said he has never had such success getting signatures as he has had with this issue of asset sales. (In other words, the selling of publicly owned state assets to private individuals and corporations. Think Greece). I salute Hone Harawira and the Mana Party for taking this issue to the streets and to the Capitol!

With my plants and bread, I loaded up my trailer and was nearly on the road when…

… Lola and Calexico (and thier feijoas) could not be resisted.

All in all it was a fun an productive morning, so much so that it called for an afternoon surf. All work and no play…

Peace, Estwing

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