Can Zuckerberg Do This?

I heard on NPR that the FB IPO might make it worth 100 B. OMG! 
Now, I will admit that I like FB for keeping in touch with old friends, sharing our projects and filling time when I am otherwise unengaged. But is this company really worth 100 billion dollars? Is Zuckerberg really that much of a genius? I can’t begin to answer that question, but I wonder what else he can do. Can he plant a garden? Can he fix a bicycle? Can he knit a sweater? Are any of these questions worth asking about the 0.1%? Will walls of money always protect them from volatility in world food, energy and financial markets? Will the walls of gated communities always protect them from an increasingly rattled 99%? As population grows, soils erode and oceans acidify, will they ever face any sort of scarcity? I can’t answer those questions either, but I do think that for most of the rest of us it is worth learning real skills that can be applied in real settings. While I have been growing organic vegetables for well over a decade now, I continue to learn all the time. Our current location on pure sand and within 200 meters of the Tasman Sea, has offered new opportunities to learn, fail and succeed.  Below are a few images of some of our learning and success this year. (We usually don’t take pictures of our failures, but we do take careful notice of them. I have been meaning to write an entire post about failures. TBD)
The internet can teach you nearly anything! 

Scratch to patch in 5 months. 

Time for a bigger wheelbarrow. 

 That’s all from the same broc.



Cannot beat home grown. 

My, what big hands you have! 

Rock on!

Peace, Estwing

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