Practicing What We Preach is Win-Win-Win-Win

This is an article I just wrote for the newsletter of our local currency. 
There appears to be a general correlation between REBS subscribers and members of the Sustainable Whanganui Google Group. Now correlation does not mean causation, and I will not submit a chicken or egg theory on this. But what I will do is point out an excellent opportunity for every REBS and/or Sustainable Whanganui member to engage in a win-win-win-win trade. Here is how it works.
Go down to the River Traders Market and stop in at the REBS stall. Purchase your very own bottle of Eco laundry liquid in a refilled plastic bottle. That’s it. How easy. This simple task allows us to practice what we preach, walk the talk, and any other appropriate saying I may have left out. 
First win = Reduce: By purchasing your Eco laundry liquid from REBS you are reducing the number of plastic bottles in the world. REBS buys the laundry liquid in bulk and fills the bottles for the market. And while you’re at it…
Second win = Reuse: …bring that bottle back to REBS when you’re through the laundry liquid and buy a full one. We’ll take that one back and refill it again for the next person. 
Third win = Eco products are generally less polluting than standard products. For instance, the laundry liquid is likely to have less phosphates in it than standard laundry products, which can cause water pollution. 
Fourth win = Supporting a community initiative. REBS is run on a shoestring budget and subs do not come close to covering the costs of administration. Buying Eco laundry liquid, eggs, kumara and potatoes from the REBS stall helps us keep this important community project going. 
Thanks for your support, the REBS committee

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