Late Winter Garden Tour

The first buds on the plum trees are bursting. The garlic is up. Tagasaste is in flower. We are on our way toward springtime.

Although not long ago we had a heavy frost. Luckily, our banana and Tahitian lime are in a sun trap/ heat sink.

Our winter annuals are doing well: broccoli and broad beans.

As well as the world’s smallest lemon tree. 
I recently bought 7 half-price olive trees to make an edible hedge that will screen the red iron fence. Olives do well in coastal conditions like ours. 

I also planted a pair (male and female) of kei apples, given to us by our friend Rob, who says these will also do well here.

And speaking of gifts, I was happy to see the calendula given to us by our friend Ron come into bloom. 

And the tamarillo given to us by Andy is weathering the winter in its sun trap / heat sink as well.

 This loquat – a gift from our friends Clare and Tim – is also planted in an exposed position on the property.

Here are garlic chives (thanks Rob) and society garlic from Annie.

And the borage from Lyn is just going for it!

Thanks to all our friends (including Hadi for the banana, Lindy and Murray for the tagasaste and apple trees, Phil and Bern for the garlic, and Mark for the broad beans and plum trees), and thanks to the sun for returning from its vacation up north. Welcome back!

Peace, Estwing

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