A Two-Hour Community Garden

Question: What can you accomplish in half the time I takes to golf 18 holes?

Left: 2:30 pm.  –   Right: 4:30 pm.

The key to running an efficient working bee is being prepared. This means having all tools, materials and food at the ready before anyone arrives. The transformation seen above is the result of 4 people working less than two hours. But three months earlier the site looked like this…

… before I scythed the grass and then…

… laid roofing iron to weaken the couch and kikuyu grasses.

Three months is barely enough to weaken these grasses enough that they won’t come up through the cardboard and soil. But three months is all I had in this instance because I wanted to hold the working bee near the spring equinox. Here are some pics of the workers after we finished. We were too busy to take any pics while we were working.

Thanks to these awesome workers. Chur Chur!

Special thanks for donations to Loaders Landscape Supplies, Wanganui Garden Centre, Bristol’s Seeds, Sustainable Whanganui Trust, Jergens Demolition, and Mark Christensen / Central Tree Crops.

Peace, Estwing

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