Morning Song


Our morning ritual starts with this song that we learned at our Steiner playgroup. Rise and Shine!

Morning has come,
Night is away.
Rise with the sun
and welcome the day.
Good morning dear earth,
Good morning dear sun,
Good morning dear stones,
And flowers everyone.
Good morning dear bees,
And the birds in the trees.
Good morning to you,
Good morning to me.


3 thoughts on “Morning Song”

  1. Dani, what is the tune of the song? I’ve heard it before and enjoy it, but can’t remember the tune for the life of me.

    1. Kate- If you google “Waldorf/ Rudolf Steiner Morning Song” there are a few youtube videos out there. But, none of them seem to be the same tune that we sing at our playgroup. If I remember, I will try to make a video of our version at playgroup this Friday. 🙂

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