Late Winter Permaculture Update

I’ve just returned to my patch after a month away. The best thing is discovering all the changes that have taken while I was away.

Reports are that we have had the mildest winter in decades. We had two frosts back in late May, and one very mild frost this morning. Orchardists say we are weeks ahead on the season and spring has already sprung.

Here are a few highlights of our property today.

Nectarine blossoms 

Biggest bumble bee I’ve ever seen!

Rows of garlic up and away

Volunteer pumpkins already germinating from the compost pile. 

Broad beans

Banana plant survived the mild winter without need of cover

Plum blossoms

Community garden in our front yard

Pears just leafing out

Blueberries in blossom

Black boy peach. Yum!

A tiny grape vine I bought 2 months ago reduced to $1 for clearance.

Our Steiner Play Group daffodil

Awesome! Any guesses? 

Ubiquitous, but Mrs. Estwing loves them

Verti Birdies’ birth tree: Apricot blossoms

Red raspberries

Happy to be home but miss my girls, Estwing