Sleep Success (17 months later)

Can you call 2 days a streak? If so, then we are on one super sweet bedtime streak. Actually, hold on a second. I might have to stop writing this post.  I don’t want to jinx it. Oh what the heck, there isn’t a jinx in the world that could possibly make Eco Thrifty Baby sleep worse than she did in her first year and a half of life.

Since birth I can count on one hand finger the number of times she has slept longer than 6 hours in a row. A poster child for every sleep-training mistake, Eco Thrifty baby generally nurses to sleep in my arms, screams if we try to put her down, ends up sleeping in our bed, and then wakes 4+ times a night to nurse. We have tried several times to “sleep train” her, but she wasn’t ready. And by that I mean we weren’t ready.  But somehow, for some reason, it has all clicked for her this week.


Maybe she has finally tired of kicking her papa while simultaneous head butting me in the chest, looking for milk. Maybe her newfound love for “duck duck” has inspired a sense of courage to take on the thus far unused furniture item we like to call “crib”. Maybe her linguistic skills have advanced far enough so that she feels slightly guilty when we get the inevitable “She still isn’t sleeping through the night?”. Or maybe, just maybe, (as evidenced by her ability to navigate the ladder and slide by herself today at the playground) my baby is turning into an independent toddler. Nope. I refuse to believe it.
Whatever the reason, all I know is that for the past two nights we have done milk, 2 stories, a song and then she lays down in the crib without a peep. Not a peep! It is amazing.

At some point I will write a post about how and why we finally managed to get into a good bedtime/sleep routine. But for now I’m going to enjoy my newfound evening freedom and do a few productive things (like watch the finale of Survivor).  IMG_0691