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2021 Permaculture Calendar

Organic Garlic Bulb

Free Petting Day – Bi-monthly, registration required.

Family-Friendly Farm Working Bees.

20% Discount off Plants

20% Discount off Workshops

10% off Consultation Services

Plus every Membership funds a Scholarship to a Workshop for a Community Services Card holder!


Building Beautiful (garden) Beds

Easy Tomatoes and Pumpkins

Growing Great Garlic

Fruit Tree Pruning Basics

The Affordable Eco Home

DIY Chicken Tractor

Goats 101

Reading the Landscape

Solar Cookers & Dehydrators and Rocket Stoves

Organic Gardening Master Class

Intro to Permaculture


Seed garlic

Black Boy Peach trees

Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste)

Strawberry Guava

Albany Surprise Grape


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