Life Finds a Way

Practicing regenerative agriculture on the farm for the past seven years we’ve seen remarkable improvement in soil life, plants and animals. Biology is so powerful if we start by doing less harm than good. The key is working with nature instead of against it.

Here is a poplar that got blown over in the wind about two months ago. Instead of cutting the stump with a chainsaw I left it because I knew it would recover. It just started re-sprouting this week.

Re-sprouting poplar

Here is a mushroom growing out of an old snapped limb of this birch tree.

The wetlands and riparian corridor have made huge advances since we fenced out stock and planted 2,000 natives.


The culvert is a weak link along our stream so we’ve reinforced it with biology – much stronger than concrete and steel!

Before & After

Every morning it’s so exciting to get up and see what else is growing on the farm!

Peace, Estwing

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