Autumn Abundance!

The farm is thriving with fruit and vegetables at the moment – we can’t even keep up with it all. The gardens have been going great all summer and now the autumn fruits are ripening in the orchards.

The plums and peaches are past us at this point. We’ve been picking lots of apples. These ones – called akane – are naturally disease resistant and have a great taste.

Pears have done well also.

There are too many figs to pick let alone eat. In the foreground are guavas not yet ripe.

And grapes! So many grapes!

Feijoas will be the next crop and it looks like a massive one. Alongside them will be persimmons – YUM!

Olives will be ready in winter along with most of the citrus.

And avos will be ready in spring.

Update: Persimmons nearly ready at the end of April!

Update: Our loquats are flowering for the first time! Loquat is quite unusual in that it flowers in the autumn instead of in the spring. The fruits are usually ready in December.

And these cool purple capsicums.

Peace, Estwing

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