Signs of Spring

Despite a very wet winter the farm is looking fabulous and the animals are very healthy. These pregnant goats were shifted into this paddock for a good spring feed.

We’ve had a dozen kids born this season with one doe left to go. Sophie had twins on Sunday afternoon.

Mindy had a Mini-Me

The red shaver chicks we bought in the autumn have grown into hens and laying eggs with the longer days. Eight hens are laying 5 to 6 eggs per day.

The 100+ poplar poles we planted this winter are starting to leaf out.

The piglets are looking plump and healthy, while the sows and boars are keeping on top of the fast growing grass.

The garlic is up and going – almost ready to be mulched.

Plum and peach blossoms have been plentiful and we are hoping for good fruit set.

Avos are ready to be picked.

And tomatoes are ready to go into the ground.

So much more to report but also so much work to be done!

Kia kaha, Estwing