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Dressing the Ladies

Part of having a low eco-footprint wedding was figuring out what to do about dresses for our four bridesmaids, groomsmaid, and three moms of honor.

Here is the ideal situation as it played out in my head:
I send out an email inviting all of the veggie sisters to be bridesmaids. I send them a brief email explaining the concept of mismatched bridesmaids dresses. They talk amongst themselves, the groomsmaid, and the veggie moms and discover that all of them already own dresses made from eco-friendly materials and purchased from companies that support fair trade practices. And what luck! These dresses happen to be in colors that don’t clash with each other and fall within our wedding color scheme. On our big day they pull said dresses out of their closets. They look gorgeous. Since the dresses are already a part of their clothing artillery, they are used many more times and loved thoroughly.

Reality Check:
I email the veggie sisters giving a less-than-clear idea of what I am looking for. They talk amongst themselves and finally tell my mom that they have no idea what I want. We go back and forth. I make several inspiration boards that include yellow and brown mismatching dresses. After several email and phone conversations my sisters remind me that we are all very pale, and my idea of yellow and brown dresses eventually morphs into earthtones, and then into taupe/grey. Oldest Veggie Sis Kale decides that I am entirely too laid back about the whole affair, takes charge, makes a powerpoint with dress options, and gives the girls a kick in the butt. They all (including the veggie moms) run to their nearest mall or favorite online store and purchase new dresses.

To be fair, they all had a hearty dig through their closets before heading out to purchase something new, and have all assured me that they will definitely reuse the dresses they bought. So far, this is how it stands with one mom, one groomsmaid, and one veggie sis still yet to purchase their dresses.

Bridesmaids:Sources: Veggie Sis Eggplant: J. Crew, Veggie Sis Kale: Calypso, Veggie Sis Tomato: Anthropologie

Moms of Honor:

Sources: FMIL Veggie: Nordstrom’s, Momma Veggie: Lord and Taylor

I don’t feel great about the eco impact of this part of our wedding, but I am happy with their choices and am glad that they’ve all found dresses that they will use again. What do you think? What direction should I steer my last three ladies in to pull the look together?

Bridal Baby Bump?

One week ago, for the fourth time in 6 weeks, I found myself praying to the porcelain god. You know, tossing cookies. Ummm…. Hurling.


Get it? A veggie puking? I crack myself up.

I know what you’re thinking, because I was thinking it too. So were the veggie girlfriends, Momma Veggie, SIL Veggie, and pretty much every other woman in our lives.

That’s why while Mr. Veggie was holding my hair and bringing me glasses of water I was counting on my fingers. Hmmm it’s March now and August is 1..2.. 6 months away. And crying.

“I’m not going to be able to drink at our wedding.” (Sob)

“And I wont fit into any wedding dresses.” (Sob, Sob)

“I’m going to be a pregnant bride.” (Loudest Sob)

Note: Do not try to be rational when you are throwing up. It doesn’t work.

If available, my rational self would have responded to irrational me as follows:

“Miss Veggie, you get drunk after 2 beers, how much are you really planning on drinking anyway?”

“And look, here’s a couture maternity wedding dress designer.”

“But most importantly, Miss Veggie, you haven’t taken a pregnancy test, have a fever and a stomach ache, and are currently having your period. Maybe you’re not pregnant at all.”

Oh rational self, you’re too clever. Mr. Veggie and I went to the doctor the next day. After some tests and belly tapping it became clear. There’s no fetus in my belly, but there is a parasite. Blastocystis hominis has taken up residence in my stomach. Apparently it comes from contaminated drinking water and leads not only to stomach issues, but also to weight loss and fatigue. Hmmm… is that why the only thing I’ve wanted to do for the past few weeks is lay around and surf wedding websites? I have kindly urged it to leave with some strong antibiotics. I’ll let you know how it goes.

After some thought, it certainly wouldn’t be the end of the world if a little veggie sprout decided to come along in the next few months. I mean its no secret that Mr. Veg and I are already sharing a house(truck) so no one would be too alarmed. It wouldn’t be perfect timing, but it wouldn’t change the fact that Mr. Veggie and I want to honor our love for each other by getting married. Plus all of our friends and family would be able to give their love and best wishes to veggie sprout before he or she even entered the world. And there is no more beautiful site than a gorgeous big-bellied gaia goddess momma-to-be. All the same, I think we’ll be extra careful for the next little while.

Congrats to any pregnant brides out there, whether it was a fully planned or surprise sprout. Have you had to adjust your wedding plans much? Have any hints for other mommas-to-bee (ha ha)? Have any of you other bees been scared into celibacy for a while?


Introducing the youngest members of our bridal party, our nieces and nephews. On his side: Scotty (turns six tomorrow), Brady (will be 5 by the wedding), and Mikey (turns 1 the week after the wedding).

On my side: Annie (3 years old by wedding day) and Matilda (2 years old by wedding day).

Photos by Unfinished Dad

Who says two-colored socks and mullets went out of style in 1992?
I know its a stretch to include anyone under 3 in the wedding, but we’re going to try. Our wedding is all about family, so there’s no way that we could leave any kiddos out. And, I’m not sure if you noticed the twinkle in these girls eyes, but they are all pretty feisty sprouts. Annie + Brady = excitement. I guess we’ll have to expect the unexpected.
Any ideas for incorporating the itty-bitties? I like the ideas of a cute little red wagon, or a vintage trike making their way down the aisle, but when I look at photos wagons seem a bit cumbersome and awkward. Am I crazy for wanting under threes to be in the wedding party? Should it be walking tots only? Anyone have a babes-in-weddingland story of success or utter disaster?
Do you think we will end up with this?
Or this?

We are family- I got all my bridesmaids and me!

Let’s have a look at the family scales:

First there’s Mr. Veggie’s family. Nice and nuclear. Two parents. One brother. Niece. Nephew.

Notice how we all fit on one couch.

Then there’s my family.

*All photos personal photos.

We don’t even fit in one picture. I’ve got steps, halves, dads, moms, the works.

Why do bring this up? Well, because I am going to have all of my sisters as bridesmaids. Since I have moved around a lot in my adult life I have many good friends from all over. My friendships tend to come in waves, stronger some times with certain people, weaker sometimes, mostly depending on where I’m living at the moment, but my sisters have been a consistent force in my life since as long as I can remember. Plus they’re all really rad, amazing women. Who could ask for better bridesmaids?

That means four ladies for me. Mr. Veggie would like to have his brother stand on his side. 4-1.

I also am really close with my (very tall and shaggy haired) little brother. So, he needs to be in the wedding party. I’d love to have him stand on my side, but that brings the score to 5-1.

I guess it would be o.k. if my bro stood with the other dudes. It would also appease his sense of masculinity. 4-2

My brother-in-law (Veggie Sis K’s hubby) is a second brother to me. We even went on a road trip together this past summer without my sister since she had to work. But I feel like if I include him then I should also include Mr. Veggie’s sister-in-law who I also absolutely adore. 5-3

Wait, who’s going to be watching all those adorable little veggie sprouts while us grown-ups are doing wedding party duties? Maybe best to leave out the in-laws. 4-2

Bridal parties don’t have to be evenly matched. Right?

So, do we leave it at that? Four ladies and two guys? Or does Mr. Veggie recruit two extra dudes?

The problem is that a lot of his “dudes” are actually “dudettes”. He has several close girl friends, but not too many guy friends that he feels super close to anymore. The dudes he does feel close to are childhood friends and live overseas, so he feels bad asking them to take a major role in the wedding. Also, Mr. Veggie is a bit older than me, and many of his friends are older than him. Wouldn’t it be weird for one of his 50+ year old friends to escort my 20 year old sister down the aisle?

I don’t know… what would you do?