As seen on the tele

Tele: (n.) T.V.

We are heading to Taupo for a week, beginning tomorrow, to help out with the EcoShow. But, before we head off, we wanted to share some pics of the newest members of our household. We started noticing these baby pukekos a few days ago. The big ones have been hanging around since we arrived, doing plenty of damage in our garden. Then we saw a commercial for some energy company on tv that featured a little family of pukekos. We laughed and laughed at how rediculously big their feet are in the commercial. Then our little fledglings arrived, and although we have been struggling to get evidence of them, we finally got a few shots (I maxed out the zoom on my camera trying not to scare the little buggers off). You might be able to see their gi-normous feet in picture number two. Each foot is truly about the size of their whole body.

I’m not sure how internet will be in Taupo, and we may just be too excited doing new things and meeting new people to post, but we will try to keep you updated.

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