Seeing Stars

I saw stars today. No, not the romantic, “Oh, Nelson, I see stars in your eyes” kind of stars. Think less 40’s love ballad and more road-runner v. coyote, yellow and red flashing stars. I’ve never actually seen stars before, and I’ve done some pretty dumb stuff. What could’ve caused this kind of pain?

Was it when at about 3am Nelson sleep-punched me in the side of the head? (He had a dream that he was in a fight with his childhood best friend, Za). No, turns out sleep-punches are only bout 1/10 as strong as real punches. A couple of moans and some belly laughs and we were both asleep again.

Was it when I got skegged today in the groin? You got it. Somehow I, and my board both got turned around in a wave so that I was laying on the wrong side of the board. Bad News. The next wave came and I caught a non-flexi surf fin to, what my older sister (a lawyer with two kids) calls, the Va-Jay-Jay. Man, pubic bones are sensitive. I thought I might pass out it hurt so much.

Sleep punching and a powerful skegging… Sorry Nelson, no loving for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “Seeing Stars”

  1. What is the equivalent of being “skegged” when it happens on the cross bar of a bike? I remember the “stars” and it lasting for many, many days! With every adventure there is a price to pay! Glad you’re OK though!

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