Somewhere in New Zealand someone is enjoying a slightly used Canon G9 Powershot camera, an Ibook G4, and the various other electronic bits and pieces that were with them. That someone is certainly enjoying looking at all of the pictures of Nelson and I from the last month that were not backed up. They’re probably enjoying reading the last two weeks of Nelson’s doctoral research (also not backed up). They’re probably skyping with their friends on their new webcam as we speak.


We locked our electronics in the office at Solscape to protect them from the damp unlockable tipis. Irony is a slap in the face, isn’t it? On Christmas eve someone broke into the office and stole the cash register and our electronics. Somehow Phil’s nicer laptop was left untouched, sitting on top of the desk. Luckily our external hardrive was left as well, saving our backed up harddrives.

It was a crappy way to start our festivities. But, we pressed on. We had 27 (and growing) mouths to feed for Christmas dinner. So, down for a quick surf in the morning, then in the kitchen with the girls all afternoon. Here are the results of our hard work.

Then we held a Yankee Swap. I’m sure there are other names for the present stealing secret santa type game that my family plays, but since we are from New Hampshire, Yankee Swap seems appropriate.

Here is Nelson stealing Go’s cinnamon soap.

And Go’s expression when he figured out what was in the next present he opened.

And Go and Jake proudly displaying their Mother’s Milk surf wax. A popular item in our exchange.

Well, here’s to a good Christmas despite our losses (we keep trying to remind ourselves that they are just things after all). Hope everyone’s Christmas was as nice as ours. And here’s to hoping that someone’s heart will grow three sizes in the next few days and we will get our pictures and research back.

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