It’s a house. No, It’s a truck. It’s a…

OK, I’ve tidied up a bit and I feel like I can now unveil our new house, er truck, er housetruck. We moved in about a week ago, leaving behind our tiny little train car. Although my mother doubts it, they do actually have normal houses in New Zealand, we just have yet to find ourselves in one. I still have a bit of cleaning to do, as it was a bachelor pad belonging to an unkempt gypsy. But, once I remove a bit more clutter (yes, there was more) we will be snug as bugs in, well, a housetruck.

Speaking of bugs. Thankfully we don’t have a lot of mice here in NZ, but there are heaps of spiders to remove from our new abode. I’ve been feeling quite brave lately. It’s easier when you know none of them can actually kill you.

This is our home from the outside. Sorry for the dream-time shimmer effect in the pictures; we’re getting a new camera this week. Yes, you can drive our house. Convenient in case of the aforementioned tsunami. Just wait, it looks even more like a hippie van on the inside (if possible).

This is our kitchen. We have running water from a rainwater storage tank on the roof that goes to a sink and a shower (that we dont use). We also have a wood stove for heating and cooking, a gas stovetop, and an oven. I can make bread and quiche again! We also have a fridge and lights, and plugs to charge our computers. Luxury.

This is our lounge and up above is our bed. There is a skylight so we can look at the stars as we fall asleep. There is another bed that we are using for storage above the driver’s cabin. So, now there’s no excuse for not visiting (except of course for the $1,000 airfare).

This is the ladder going up to our bed. Dangerous? Yes. More dangerous in the morning? Yes. Even more dangerous when you need to get up in the middle of the night for a midnight pee? Yes. But also very cool looking.

This is the view out our window.

This is nearly our whole home. Like I said, more tidying to be done. I’ll post more pictures with the final outcome.

I love our house. It was hand built by our friend Mike and was truly crafted. There is all sorts of detailed woodworking and bits that make it really special. I love that we have an oven. I love that we have a table where we can sit and do school work or have a quiet meal together. I’m learning to love the treacherous climb up and down from bed. It’s cute, and cozy, and all ours.