How did she do it?

I have now spent two weeks with my nieces and while I am enjoying every minute of it, I am also completely and utterly exhausted. It makes me wonder. When Kristen and I were Tilda and Annie’s age the year was 1982. My mom was a mere 23 years old. She took care of us, had an at-home day care business, and managed to look so stylish (in a throwback Jane Fonda/ Farrah Fawcett kind of way). Our team of caretakers varies from 2-7 people on any given day and I still need a nap to keep up with Annie. There are only two possibilities here. Either my mom has super powers, or we were incredibly angelic babies. I’ll leave with with one final picture of make-up covered two-year-old Kristen to let you decide that one for yourselves.

One thought on “How did she do it?”

  1. Any super powers I once had must have been completely zapped by my 2angelic babies since I too am completely and utterly exhausted by the grand-girlies!

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