It’s No Oh’s

Sure plenty of exciting things have happened since I arrived home to Raglan. I started working at Solscape again. Nelson and I performed a karaoke duet called “Permaculture Lovin'” to the tune of “Summer Nights” from Grease (it was a runaway success… I love my man). We helped build an earth pizza oven. But none of those events compare to the discovery of Double Crunch! cereal.

Some of you may know about me and my siblings’ obsession with Oh’s Ceral. We love it so much, that we bought the Piggly Wiggly’s entire supply when we were on vacation this summer. Do you think the store manager was confused? Did he think Oh’s were the next big trend? Now that we’ve moved on is he left with 100 cases wondering what happened? Ride it out buddy, we’ll be back in 11 months.

If you haven’t tried Oh’s, and live below the Mason Dixon, you need to find an all-night supermarket and go grab a box. If you’re feeling generous you can grab one for me and send in a little care package. Just kidding. Kind of. Its really the only reason to ever shop at a Walmart, which was the only place I could find it when I lived in Baltimore. Just be careful because they really cut the crap out of the roof of your mouth.

But anyhow, I digress. Oh’s are obviously not available here in the land of Kiwis. Mildly disappointing. But, even more disappointing was the lack of good cereal in general, and the complete lack of granola. Sure they have mueslix, but why would you want untoasted granola? That’s just gross. So, needless to say with no Oh’s and no granola, my cereal consumption was at an all-time low when I headed back home this summer.

But, having been reminded of the joys of cereal as I downed bowl after sweet bowl this summer, I was envigorated to begin my creal quest anew. And then I saw it. Glowing like a beacon among the many mueslix(es) at the Pak ‘n Save:

Double Crunch! ?
Ummm… yes please.

Imagine Honey Bunches of Oats (my second favorite cereal) with dried apricots added in.

The best darned thing on this side of the Tasman.