Today is the International day of Action for Climate Change sponsored by 350.org. (Well at least it is here already, those of you in other time zones still have a few hours left to prepare your action). Actions will be going on all over the world to let politicians and big business know that we are serious in our demands for action regarding climate change. I hope that everyone has a fantastic 350 day. We certainly did here in Raglan. If you don’t have plans yet, don’t worry there is still time. And, likely there is an action going on right in your neighborhood. Go to the 350.org website to check it out.

Here’s how we spent our day:
Of course we rode down…. And got dressed up for the occasion.

Hooray for the market… No pesto though, boo.Hmmm… lots of people around. Must be the start of summer. But it kind of looks like they’re all waiting for something. What’s going to happen? … Stay tuned.

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