Partnering for the Planet

The ECO is all about cultivating and nurturing beneficial relationships: in nature and in human society. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Sustainable Whanganui to design and deliver professional development training in Education for Sustainability for teachers in Wanganui and the surrounding areas. We are excited about this opportunity to deliver these highly innovative programs right in our own community. If you are interested in us bringing programs to your community, please contact us at

Professional Development – Primary Teachers

This innovative offering provides primary teachers with the skills and confidence to embrace education for sustainability in their classrooms. It takes a multi-disciplinary approach across the learning areas and addresses many of the values, key competencies and principles of the New Zealand Curriculum. And best of all, it is designed to be responsive to teachers’ needs. The program includes two professional development sessions and one classroom session specifically designed for each participant.

Professional Development – Intermediate and Secondary Science Teachers

This innovative offering has two tracks: biology and physics. Each one focuses on the science of sustainability by linking science topics to a local sustainability initiative of The ECO School: The Eco-Thrifty Do-Up. The physics track focuses on the physics of passive solar design and energy efficiency in the home. The biology track focuses on ecological landscape design and the biology behind organic gardening strategies. The program includes one professional development session for each track and a field trip for each participating teacher’s classes to the project site or a PowerPoint slideshow if transportation cannot be arranged.

Peace, Estwing

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