Sorry I have been a little absent here on the old blog. Transitioning back to working 35+ hours a week has been kicking my butt. Yet, it was only a few months ago that I felt trapped by this house project. It was part of every one of my waking moments. Inescapable. Now that my days are spent behind a desk (and in front of groups of kids), I find myself wishing I could spend more time here. Be a larger part of her transformation. Fickle mind… why aren’t you ever satisfied?

I do get two days off every week from bringing home the bacon. And this weekend, after recovering from a mild flu bug, I made some time to take some long-overdue pictures.

I love taking pictures. Every time I pick her up, my camera asks me why its been so long. Here are a few random shots that might give you a bit of a glimpse our life on the day of the autumnal equinox of 2011.

Swimming in a sea of basil.

Heirloom tomatoes the color of the setting sun.

Our half-complete kitchen in the late afternoon sun.

A solar cooker, a patio, and a house the color of the sky.
Cabbage worms are artists too.
Our three girls.

A wall of inspiration.

Go sun go! (That’s celsius, BTW).
Curry, soup, pie, and roasts waiting to jump into our bellies.

Happy equinox. Hope you are feeling balanced and grounded at the start of this new season.

-June Cleverer

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